Dr. Maranga M.Josiah

A passionate gentle dentist, that always leaves a mark and positive impact on his patients. Be sure to be comfortable when getting dental care from Dr. Maranga M.J.  He will make sure you feel at home and too comfortable that you forget you are in a dental clinic. He may be described to be among the best dentist in Mombasa.

 A graduate from the university of Nairobi school of Dental sciences. He holds a bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree( BDS ).

Dr. Maranga M.J has a vast experience in modern dental care and treatment. He has had an opportunity to work with Dr. Ngondi Wamai .

When you walk into Tabasamu  Dental, one of the best dental clinics in Mombasa, be sure that you are in good hands as Dr. Maranga M.J will ensure that you will have one of the best dental treatment experiences you ever imagine of. His passion for professionalism is what drives him to offer good dental care.

His love for care for children requiring dental treatments, drives him to give your child the most wonderful and memorable experience during their dental visit. Being a good friend and a dentist to children makes Dr. Maranga M.J come out as  the dentist with passionate and gentle care. Most of the children that come for dental fillings, cleaning, check up, painless tooth extraction, crowns, braces certainly leave with smiles on their faces and good memory of Dr. Maranga M.J

Be sure to find the most informative dentist in Dr. Maranga M.J When you visit Tabasamu Dental Clinic In Mombasa.

He is the current Lead Dental Surgeon at Tabasamu Dental;Mombasa

Dr Ngondi Wamai

Recognized for his passion for dentistry, Dr Ngondi Wamai has accumulated broad experience. Most of this experience has been acquired while in private practice. He holds a BDS degree from the University of Nairobi and a National Board Certificate from the American Dental Association after having passed the National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE) parts 1 and 2. (Prerequisite exams sat by graduating American students before they are eligible for licensing by individual states).

With his desire to continually seek professional improvement, Dr Ngondi took a ten month observership position with Dr David Baab in the USA. Dr Baab is a renown periodontic surgeon in Seattle, Washington working both in private practice and as a faculty member at the University of Washington. During this training, Dr. Ngondi assisted and learned advanced periodontal procedures with an emphasis in connective tissue grafts and implants. He also had the opportunity to learn from Dr Michael Johnson, a leading prosthodontist in the greater Seattle region. Dr Johnson specializes in complex fixed and removable prosthetics utilizing both tooth and implant abutments.

The knowledge I gained will working with Dr Baab and Dr Johnson has been invaluable to my dental practice, especially in areas of modern cosmetic dentistry”.

Appreciating the dynamic and rapid changes that are occurring in dentistry and with a desire to offer the latest and most superior dental treatments to his clients, Dr Ngondi regularly attends continuous professional development sessions and is an active member of Kenya Dental Association.

“I am committed to providing the best that modern dentistry has to offer, with personalized care for each of my patients. My ultimate goal is to exceed their expectations”.

He has since relocated abroad.