Sample of Services Offered


Diagnostic Examination

This involves evaluating existing conditions to determine the required dental treatment.  It encompasses a comprehensive dental and health history, initial oral examination, complete x-ray survey that includes cavity-detecting bite-wing x-rays, a periodontal (gum) exam, and a comprehensive tooth by tooth evaluation.


Preventative Care

This will include prophylaxis (or teeth cleaning), space maintainers, screening of oral cancer and application of topical fluoride in a bid to avoid or minimize the risk of severe abnormalities and diseases.

We also run an Oral Hygiene program that aims to educate our clients on the most effective and modern methods of brushing, flossing and of avoiding dental diseases.


Conservative Treatment

This is the use of filling, root canal treatment and crowns. Our natural teeth are far superior to any tooth replacement available. Conservative treatment ensures that you retain your natural dentition for a lifetime.



Over seventy four percent (74%) of our population is said to suffer from gum disease. The symptoms vary from sensitivity, unpleasant breath, bleeding and swelling of gums, to eventual loosening and loss of teeth. We offer treatments ranging from scaling (cleaning) and root planning, intra-pocket medication and in severe cases periodontal surgery.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

This mainly involves performing tooth extractions and minor oral surgeries. Using modern anesthetic techniques within a relaxing environment, we ensure that these procedures that are often perceived as traumatic are carried out free of pain.



The replacement of missing teeth by constructing fixed bridges, removable partial or complete dentures and implant restorations.



This involves the use of wires and springs to move misaligned teeth to a more acceptable position. They are also used to close gaps between teeth. Even though orthodontic treatment is more common in our younger clients, it can also be performed on adults to achieve well aligned teeth.


Non-Orthondontic Tooth Alignment

The use of a combination of veneers, crowns and bridges to attain ‘instant orthodontics’. This technique can be utilized to create the illusion of straight teeth without the time and effort associated with braces. It has proven to be extremely popular with our adult patients who may feel that wearing braces does not auger well with their professional lives. With only a few visits to our clinic, we can use this technique to change the position, size and shape of your teeth giving you an amazing new smile.



Children’s teeth present unique problems that require special attention. Given their, often short attention spans, they are best treated in a soothing and relaxing environment for maximum co-operation.  Our superbly trained and dedicated staff is gentle and efficient to ensure your child receives the required dental treatment to maintain optimum dental health.


Cosmetic Dental Services

Cosmetic dentistry remains an area of passion and expertise at the Tabasamu Dental Clinic. Available services include:


Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Modern tooth-coloured fillings have replaced the traditional amalgam (silver) filling. These newer materials are more conservative, preserving the healthy residual tooth structure. Since they adhere to the tooth structure, they provide extra strength compared to traditional filings resulting in less fractures and reduced sensitivity.

In addition, the tooth-coloured fillings look natural; it is difficult to distinguish the filling from your tooth.



Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is a custom device anchored to neighbouring teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the missing one are prepared as crowns. They then serve as supports to hold the prosthetic (replacement) tooth in place. Our crowns and bridges are prepared from high quality materials such as semi-precious or precious metals, porcelain or a fused combination of the two. Aesthetics, function and tissue compatibility are considered when selecting the material suitable for you.


Porcelain Veneers

Just like Bonding, porcelain veneers are used to repair fractured or chipped teeth, straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, close gaps, increase the length and size of teeth or lighten dark or discoloured teeth. However, porcelain is used in place of composite material. A thin layer of the tooth is first removed. Thereafter, we custom make a thin, nail-like porcelain restoration that is cemented onto the tooth. Porcelain veneers are incredibly strong and provide superior aesthetics.



This is the repair of chipped, discoloured or misaligned teeth.  It involves placing tooth-coloured composite material onto the tooth. It is an inexpensive and ultra conservative way to restore a tooth.


Tooth Whitening/Bleaching

Several factors can contribute to darkening of teeth. These include the effect of age, fluorosis, certain foods and drinks (especially curries, soda and coffee), smoking and medication. Bleaching involves placing a bleaching gel in contact with teeth causing oxidation of stains and subsequent whitening of the teeth.



Implants are used to replace missing teeth. Through a surgical procedure, a titanium cylinder is secured in the jaw bone. This cylinder functions as the root of your missing tooth. A crown is then attached onto it giving the appearance of a natural tooth. This replacement is strong with a natural appearance.


Emphasis on Sterilization

The second highest deterrent to visiting the dentist is the fear of cross-infection from dental instruments. At Tabasamu Dental, the safety of our clients comes first. Our instruments undergo double sterilization so as to guarantee all micro-organisms are eliminated. They are first chemically sterilized. They are then packed and sealed to avoid recontamination. Finally, we take them through an autoclave sterilization cycle. The individual sealed packs ensure that the sterility is maintained during storage.  You can be rest assured that your safety and that of your loved ones is guaranteed.